Tips for Session Leaders

The Camunda Community Unconference is an open unconference-style event, with no formal speakers. Instead, the sessions are discussion-oriented and they are not recorded (but notes are taken and distributed to attendees after the fact) which creates a safe space for collaboration and creativity. We’ll use Zoom and Slack for this digital program.

The Camunda Community Unconference is a great place to practise public speaking when you don’t normally do it. We value diversity and encourage everybody to get involved. The goal is to provide a respectful and supportive environment. Thus, this event follows the guidelines provided by Camunda’s Code of Conduct.

You will receive an email from us (on Wednesday, April 20th) if your session is voted in by the registrants. So, if you’re one of the session leaders, or still considering becoming one, here are some tips to get started.

Planning your session

Choose a format: You know best what works for your session topic. But if you’re still pondering which format to use these three types of sessions might work well for you:

  1. A group discussion is great to discuss a new idea or a new field of work.

  2. A talk (10 min max.) is a great way to explain a framework or a recent project you did and get the conversation started.

  3. A workshop is great for teaching a methodology or technique in a hands-on way.

Structure your session: If you can’t find a structure for your session, try this simple outline:

  1. What is the problem? Get everybody on the same page.

  2. What is the solution? Paint a picture of the future, with as much contrast as possible.

  3. What should we be doing now to reach the solution? This is your chance for a call to action.

Include your audience: Plan for sufficient discussion time in your session. We’d like to get everyone involved and it makes the unconference even more insightful for everybody when people add their own experience to the topic that you prepared. Attendees may choose to participate by coming off mute and/or on camera or by adding their thoughts to a running Google docs where notes are kept.

Pitching your session

On Wednesday, April 20th we’ll share the agenda with everyone, including your session slot. During the welcome session, you’ll have one minute to pitch your session to the audience. Tell us what it’ll be about and what we’ll learn during your session.

There’s no need to advertise yourself, your services, or your product – do it for the community!

Giving your session​

Prepare yourself: The best way to combat any nerves is to be prepared. If you plan to use presentation slides for your session, make sure your computer is charged and you have a backup of your presentation somewhere.

Keep the time: Every session is 45 minutes maximum, please keep an eye on this. Include enough time for discussions — this event will be most fun if everyone gets involved.

Stay Engaged: While you focus on the content and guide conversation, notes will be taken (via Google Docs). The sessions aren’t recorded to encourage open and honest communication, but the overall content and important highlights will be captured for later reference. A Camundo will be present in every session to help facilitate and distribute these notes.

Stick Around: There are a few things taking place after your sessions ends. Join the slack channel(s) to participate in the overall conversation, as well as answer questions that weren’t addressed live (this is totally optional!). At the end of the day, there is also a summary opportunity where everyone reconvenes to share what we’ve learned. Session leaders should come prepared to summarize the learnings from their session, out loud, for attendees.

Have fun: This event should be fun, don’t forget to enjoy the moment!